A hybrid phono stage like no other


Exclame 100

100 watt integrated stereo amplifier


Exclame 150

150 watt stereo integrated amplifier with phono stage



250 watt integrated stereo amplifier


Black Widow Line Stage

Valve Line Stage


Black Widow Stereo Amplifier

250 watt Stereo Power Amplifier

Valve Audio Images (3).jpg

Black Widow Mono Amplifier

800 watt mono amplifier

Valve Audio Images (3).jpg

Genesis Line Stage

New Addition


Genesis Amplifier

1000 watt amplifier

Valve Audio Genesis Power 003.gif

Genesis Mono Amplifier

1000 Monoblock

Valve Audio Genesis Power 003.gif

What's it all about

We wont bore you with lengthy technical write-ups here. It all about the music in the end.

Solid Construction

Made to last

Thick alloy faceplates and sturdy enclosures is not just a pretty feature but a solid platform for the fine electronics to perform flawlessly.

Hybrid Architecture

Best of both worlds

Valve driver stages and field effect transistor output stages are what makes Valve Audio amplifiers unique. The high current capable 6922 type valve is our thermionic device of choice in most of the designs. This arrangement of valves and transistors gives us the best features of both worlds.

Hi-Fi like no other

This is what it is about

Valve Audio was born out of love for music. And Valve Audio does music well. No other statement is truer. For all colours of music - that's Valve Audio.


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