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Products: Whisper

During the 2008 Sound and Vision Expo, international visitor and designer of top quality phono cartridges Mr AJ van den Hul, confirmed his order for a Whisper phono stage minutes before leaving for the airport to return to Europe.

We are sure that Mr van den Hul knows what to expect from a phono stage and if the Whisper satisfies his demanding expectations, then there must be something about the Whisper that makes sense. Find out today.

Product highlights

The Whisper is Valve Audio's first phono stage and solves a number of problems that are often found with these units. Moving coil and moving magnet boards can be added as the need arises and are shielded from the power supply.
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  • Hybrid valve phono stage for both moving coil and moving magnet cartridges
  • MC/MM boards can be ordered seperately
  • Balanced input/output
  • 72db gain

A Whisper ordered by a distinguished enthusiast.

AJ Van den Hul